Contactless smart cards

An increasing amount of applications is using the principle of contactless communication between card and card reader.
Syscor supplies cards and other contactless devices for most technologies in this area.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This technology allows transmission of data without contact and line of sight from a data medium, what is called a transponder, to a reader and vice versa. A RFID system consists of three components: a RF Reader, an antenna and a transponder which is electronically programmed with unique data.

There are several frequencies that are used for RFID:

Contactless cards are produced as multi-layer laminated cards and can be delivered as well as simple plastic cards with individual prints and additional features (e.g. signature panel, hologram). Syscor offers most contactless devices in the area of low communication frequencies (125 kHz) as well as devices for high frequencies (13.56 MHz).

Excerpt of chip types
(other ICs are available upon request)

Hersteller Chiptyp Frequenz Beschreibung
NXP (Philips) Mifare 1K 13.56 MHz R/W, 1024 Bytes, ISO14443A
16 Segmente (à 4 Blöcke x 16 Bytes)
  Mifare 4K 13.56 MHz R/W, 4096 Bytes, ISO14443A
32 x 64 Bytes, 8 x 256 Bytes
  Mifare DESFire 13.56 MHz R/W, 4096 Bytes, ISO14443A
flexible file systems
  Hitag 1 125 kHz R/W, 2048 Bit (64 x 4 Bytes)
  Hitag 2 125 kHz R/W, 256 Bit (8 x 4 Bytes)
Legic Prime MIM256 13.56 MHz R/W, 256 Bytes
  Prime MIM1024 13.56 MHz R/W, 1024 Bytes
EM Marine EM4102 125 kHz 8 Byte, read only
  EM4450 125 kHz R/W, 128 Byte
Atmel Temic 5557 125 KHz 330 bit, read only


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